Frequently Asked Questions

How is the content delivered?

Photos and Recipe are automatically delivered after purchase is complete. They are in a zip file. 

What is exclusive content?

The exclusive content are recipes and photos not shared with anyone else. Each recipe includes an ingredient shot, process shots and finals in both horizontal and vertical. They are styled 2-3 different ways, for example in the pan, a serving on a spatula and a serving on a plate. Typically there will a 15-20 total images. 

We offer 10-12 exclusive recipes per month, and they are based on first-come, first-serve. 

Can I choose how I want the exclusive photos to look?

Yes, when you purchase an exclusive recipe, you will be sent a form to fill out that has a space to add your color and background choices. 

What is semi-exclusive content?

Semi-exclusive recipes, ingredient and process shots are shared. Each set is styled with different backgrounds, napkins and plates. 

We take pride in creating a mini-exclusive with each set, as they often look very different. 

What is non-exclusive content?

The non-exclusive content is a monthly recipe shared. The Founders Members will receive it free. Basic Members can purchase the recipe for $25 each month.  

What do I receive with the Founders Membership?

  • ONE Semi-Exclusive piece of content (set) each week GUARANTEED
  • Early Access to Exclusive Content that is offered each month
  • One FREE Non-Exclusive piece of content each month
  • Access to all of our services, including SEO research, blog post writing, video creation and more
  • DISCOUNT: The Founders Members Semi-Exclusive (one per week) will also be offered at a discount, $65 each.

What do I receive with the Basic Membership?

  • Access to Semi-Exclusive content
  • Access to Non-Exclusive content
  • Access to all of our services, including SEO research, blog post writing, video creation and more
  • Semi-Exclusive Content will be $70 per set 

Can I cancel my membership?

We hate to see you go, but if you need to cancel, that's understandable. 

How many images are included in the Pinterest Image Add-On?

You will receive 3 images that can be used for Pinterest

How do I get a slide video made with my own images?

When you add a slide show video to your cart, you will receive a Google form to fill out with all your information. We will then email you with details. 

Can I get Keyword Analysis on just one specific topic?

Yes, the keyword analysis is based on your top posts. You are able to choose if you would like us to focus on just one of those top posts.  

Am I allowed to make any alterations to the content after my purchase is complete?

Yes, the recipe and photos are yours after you purchase them. 

Do the photos come with watermarks?

There are no watermarks of any kind on the images. 

Are the photos edited ahead of time or will receive the unedited images?

The photos are very slightly edited, however you will want to edit them yourself.

Can I request a recipe?  

We do take requests, however at this time, we are not doing exclusive recipe creation for individual clients. 

Can I receive a refund?

For semi-exclusive content, because of the nature of this product, there are no refunds. 

For exclusive content that is ordered, if for some reason you are not happy with the photos sent to you. We will reshoot them 1 time using your suggestions. Or we can issue a store credit for you to use. 

Do I receive copyright on the photos I purchase?

We offer you a limited license on all content. This means that you have rights to use the photos and recipe as you see fit on your own blog or site, and social media. 

We need to occasionally use the photos to build our portfolio and share with new clients. 

Your photos will NEVER be sold to another person. 

And in return, we require that you not sell our content to another blogger or business. However, if you sell your blog or site, the content will come with that sale.