Images are a brand’s most powerful tool, and we’re the experts.

About Second Street Services

How do you stop potential leads from scrolling past your content? 

How do you bring new followers to your social media accounts?

And how do you transform those followers into loyal customers to your brand?

Powerful images. Compelling content. SEO optimization.


Second Street Services is a full-service photography and videography business that specializes in online content. Liz and Doug Latham have spent over a decade creating effective, insightful posts and sharing them on their successful blogs. Today, they provide striking blog and Pinterest imagery, as well as SEO services, to brands both large and small.


Though modern consumers are busy, they strive for a simple and creative life. Discovering food blogs via Pinterest recipes, for example, often supplies these consumers with the easy projects they crave. To that extent, Liz, Doug, and their team focus on photos and videos that are original, relatable, and authentic⁠⁠—no stock footage here! We’ll transform your social media and website into content-rich spaces where visitors will instantly connect with your brand.


Our lifestyle images and videos will invite your audience to create your recipes, crafts, and DIYs in their own home. Beautiful yet attainable, the photography and videos we provide will show your product at its best: as an easy tool to help people design the life they want.


The quality of work that we deliver, as well as our SEO-conscious approach, brings clients back to Second Street Services time and time again.


Contact us today and boost your brand with powerful videos and photography.