Blog Post Uploading + Optimization

Blog Post Uploading + Optimization

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As a food blogger, you wear MANY hats, and frankly, sometimes too many hats. 

The amount of work can be overwhelming to keep up with. 

After 15 years of blogging, and 5 years of helping clients, we know a thing or two about what it takes to stay on top. 

We are currently offering Blog Post Uploading and Optimization

What does that even mean?

Do you have a backlog of recipes that need to be posted? 

Maybe you have purchased recipes and images that you just haven't gotten to yet. 

We can help you get those posted. 

Services include:

  • Blog Post Writing with Keywords chosen specifically for your blog
  • Ghost Writing (NO AI) in your own voice
  • Image Sizing (based on your needs)
  • ALT Text and Captions (if needed) on all images
  • All SEO filled in Yoast plugin (or other if not using Yoast)
  • All formatting of blog post using a template that you provide or we work with you on

Uploading Service is $125 per post including everything listed above. Packages available at a lower per post fee if purchased in multiples. Ask for details.

Service Does NOT Include

  • Content Creation of the Recipe or Images


Does the content need to be made by Second Street Services?

  • No, we can use your own content

What is the turnaround time?

  • Typically it will take 2 weeks from the time the post is sent to the writer until it is uploaded for your review.

What if we have our own writing?

  • We can still upload for you. The price will be different.